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Hi.  My condition is like this:   I want to take some readings of certain functions from the scope by using VEE.  So, i create a list box in order to let me choose the reading i want.  However, when i try to save those reading into excel, it limits me to constant input. [size=18]My question is how to make the number of input

Hello All,   Please accept this note as a rant and I am bloody PO.  I am using AFR on the PXI network analyzer.  AFR works great but has a major, major flaw (Keysight will call it a feature).  We have AFR only on one VNA.  This was done because besides measuring data AFR can also read s-parameter files.  So we take
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Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the use of Excel with VEE. 1) I am sending data to cells in Excel with Visible=TRUE to monitor the values as the data is being taken. However, when I click on another Excel tab that was previously opened, cell data gets overwritten with values that should be going in to the workbook VEE is using. How
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I'm studying power engineering at HIB ("university equivalent school" in Bergen,Norway). During school lab we utilised agilent DSO3062A to study a "simple" RLC cicuit(s) behavouir. We were supposed to save wave images on a usb with the " .csv " file extension, and i accidentli happened to save as " .wmf " file format. Now this week theres's going
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I'm trying to model a varactor in ADS2006Update3. I have parameters values of SPICE models of the varactor, but I don't know how to model it in ADS. I tried to model the diode using regular DIODE MODEL in ADS, but I couldn't find to any way to apply  reverse bias to the diode. Is there any boy who can explain how to model a varactor in