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I have MSO7034B oscilloscope and I'm trying to connect it to my laptop running Windows 7 SP1. I installed IO Library Suites 2018 Update 1.0 (IOLibSuite_18_1_23218.exe) Installed IVI driver for MSO7034B Version I set the I/O option in Utility menu in the oscilloscope to USB option. When I open… (Show more)
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I have some signal in .h5 and csv format. I attached a sample. Is it possible to analyze (decode the SENT FAST signals) it?
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We have real problems connecting to an M8190A via PCIe. The soft front panel will just come up with a simulated unit. I've tried all combinations of the order I start things. The manual says to start the AWG first, but that doesn't guarantee it working. The Access and Status lights are both green. I can see the PXI in Connection Expert.   I am… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   I am working with a B1500 semiconductor parameter analyzer. I interact with it via GPIB command lines. The SMUs of B1500 are provided with both Force and Sense, which allows to precisely apply a given tension by overcoming the possible voltage drops that may be present in the setup. However, I am only able to extract from my… (Show more)
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Hello,   My company has the new B model of the PNA-X. The issue is when I am creating a pdf of all the waveform plots, the color scheme is different from the original A model in that the background color is now black instead of white. I tried going under 'Utility'-'System'-'Print'-'Print Colors' and from the subsequent dialog box select 'Recall… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am facing a 8663A sybthesizer containing a HP 1813-1304 instead of the well known 10811A. Two questions : 1. What are the specs, I mean is it the replacement of the 10811-60101, 102...111, 116... ? 2. Is it possible to have a schematic diagram and parts list (power is down at -10dbm). Thank you.
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If I'm using a calibrated 34970A and a calibrated 34901A, do I need to use calibrated thermocouples?
I am trying to pull trace data from a FieldFox N9918A using SCPI commands with Python. Specifically, I am using the query command CALC:DATA:FDATa? to retrieve data from a Polar plot, but I am unable to get both the real and imaginary components of the trace data. Nor can I get the frequency data. However, when I write a csv file to the FieldFox, I… (Show more)
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Hi all, When I perform Thru measurement in SOLT cal, the E5071C will meas 2 times, that is  trigering 2 times in each port, while it just does a single meas in S,O,L. I wonder is it normal?
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trigsetup.ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior (naTriggerConnectionBNC1) = naTriggerInEdgePositive      
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