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Tim Wang Lee
  You will need Keysight ADS to unarchive the workspace. To get a copy of Keysight ADS,     After you unarchive the workspace with Keysight ADS and click on the readme, you should see below window.   
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Hi all. After upgrade from ADS 2011 to ADS 2017 error of SMatch (Single-Stub Match) and DSMatch (Double-Stub Match) appeared. After designing these components using Passive Circuit Design Guide and trying to simulate full schematic error " ADS-syntax parser error in `<ADS netlist>', line 38: syntax error" appeard. If i disable these subcircuits,… (Show more)
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bill griffith
A search of the internet provides articles and videos showing the general operation of a synchronous motor. I thought it would be interesting to make some actual measurements and display some real-world voltage and current waveforms. I was fortunate to find a synchronous motor that had external wiring to its two coils, allowing independent… (Show more)
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Hello,   We are using Keysight 34465A 6 ½ Digit Multimeter for testing power consumtion of low power sensor. But we got stuck on calibration of device. I saw this e-mail in keysight forum and wanted to consult you about this topic. Our device’s approximate current consumptions;   In sleep mode, 5- 200uA In normal mode, 3-5mA In transmit… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm working on an application for loading and playing scenarios via SCPI commands. I'd like to know if there is any worked example.   This is what I done so far with my research: *RST //resetting the instrument to initial state *OPC? //waiting loop for this long operation to end STR:SOUR FILE //streaming source set to file STR:SOUR:FILE… (Show more)
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Seok Jin Wong
Using a digital multimeter (DMM) to perform measurements is very common in today’s world. Technicians uses multimeters for equipment servicing, engineers use multimeters to troubleshoot, students use multimeters for lab research, and so on. Since digital multimeters have many functions, you need to know how to properly use your multimeter. Most… (Show more)
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When using the 8753C and 85047A on the 6 GHz range with Power Level set at 4 dB or more the setup works fine.  If I set the Power Level below 3 dB I get an error message “Caution: No IF Found”. I know the doubler requires a certain minimum power to work but I can't find anything in the manuals telling me the lower limit.  Is it normal to get this… (Show more)
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Hi every one.The spectrum analyzer in VNA is a nice function,but it still has some problem.It has a probability to record image signal.The patent said:With an unknown muilt-tone input RF spectrum,the chance of recording an image signal at any RF frequency for a multi-tone input RF spectrum  of some arbitrary period is approximately… (Show more)
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