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Stan Bischof
Recently published in VRF - quote directly from Keysight.   "VEE will not be officially supported on the Windows 10 platform. Users who need to migrate to Windows 10 can still run VEE programs on it, albeit with some restrictions due to the loss of some capabilities after the migration. In light of the issues around post-migration, we will avail… (Show more)
in VEE Software
How to start hpeesofsim from python script? .....control parameters in netlist?
in EDA Software
Matters Most
I wonder if N7555A Ecal can be use as Noise Figure tuner for PNA-X. Any issue to used that Ecal as a tune?   Regards,   Mirek 
in Network Analyzers
Matters Most
Hello   Does anyone have the sample Python script controls E4990A and gets trace data from it ? I am going to try USB and PyVISA to connect to E4990A. It would be helpful if someone shares the script with me.   Thanks in advance. Toru 
in LCR and Impedance Analyzers
I have tried to perform simple 1-port waveguide calibration with E5071C analyzer. When I have measured short , offset short and fixed load "done" button stays still grey and it  can't select. Why so, even I have measured all needed components? I have never had such an issue with coaxial calibrations. Should I do something before waveguide… (Show more)
in Network Analyzers
Im making a measurement where it would be handy to remove measured losses associated w a transmission line. I notice that some of the newer network analyzers can do this w port extensions (loss removal) and fixture simulator (adjusting impedance). What is the best way to approach this with a 8753ES?   Matt
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Hi There, I have one PNA-X that occasionally found "low disk space" about 30 days range occurance. May I know is this refer to it's CPU or the PNA-X applications that having low disk space and what is causing this? Any inputs and comments are appreciated.   Thank you. Best Regards, Tze Chen
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The measurements were on an MF antenna system on which there were signals from local high power AM stations with an amplitude similar to the signal level from the Fieldfox at the input to the antenna matching unit.The matching unit has automatic tuning and resistance adjustment with the objective of providing 50 +j0 ohms at the input. The fieldfox… (Show more)
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We are performing a time-domain measurement of S21 at a particular frequency by changing the sweep time option of the VNA. So, for the purpose of the following questions, assume that a VNA is configured as follows for a measurement: 1) No averaging; 2) Fixed IF bandwidth; 3) One sample point (one frequency point is sampled); 4) One network… (Show more)
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How do I safely measure S-parameters at 10 Watts up to 5GHz on an ENA?   I need to measure the RL and IL of a passive device on an ENA at 10W continuous power, swept up to 5GHz.  I need to do this without "frying" the ENA   How would I go about doing this safely?  I'm not sure what kind of equipment I need.
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Hello everyone.I read about this on Keysight's website,but I can't figure out the window expansion factor.If I use different window to take spectrum analysis,the ADC record size will change(window expansion factor is different for different window).I want to know how to calculate the window expansion factor.Thank you!
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HI i am new at RF characterization techniques . I am currently working on the uncertainty estimation for a measurement based on one port S11 reflection measurement. I download the uncertainty calculator and introduced my analyzer and calibration kit. What i want to know is how i have to apply the uncertainty charts for the S11 magnitude and phase… (Show more)
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